Sometimes I look for a host family.

All my dogs live as family dogs so they get there personal
attention and love they deserve. This does not work if you have a lot of dogs
around the house, so I sometimes look for a host family for a dog / puppy.

Sometimes you will come across a puppy or dog from a good bloodline that
fits in well with our breeding program, or that I have a puppy in the litter myself
of excellent quality in construction, color, character, and coat ...
Than I do not want to sell such a puppy directly, but just wait and see how
the pup will grow up and develop, and whether it fits in my breeding program. His pup
I would like to accommodate in a host family.

Placing in a host family is done through a contract containing the
rules that both the breeder and the host family should adhere to.

As a host family you do not pay any purchase costs for the dog / puppy. I do expect
that you adhere to the rules of the contract which we both agree on,
and both will sign. I also request a copy of your ID / driver's license.

Do you have any interested in becoming a host family, and would you like some more
information about this please contact me, we will discuss the rules and look together
if there is a click between us and of course between you and the dog or puppy
to be placed.

Many people think that if they are a host family that they have to give up again,
that is not the case !! If you handle the dog properly and there neatly
take care of him or her and you are good for it, you will never have to give the dog
up again after a certain period of time, the dog will always stay with you.

You can reach me for questions about this on 0031-683247874 or