A look behind the scenes.

On this page we want to give you an impression of how we work, and which socialization
traject we follow to let the puppies fly out confident and well socialized.

The dogs are part of our family, so they just live in the house, or with their host family
where they have a nice life as a house dog.

We set the bar high and have therefore spent years selectively looking for the right 
bloodlines and dogs.
At the age of one year we test our dogs for HD/ED, Patella Ecvo and DNA ( Embark)
Only if all is well, the females can have their first litter from 18 months.
When a dog is in heat, we always test for progesterone.
When the right mating moment has been reached, we have the female inseminated or
mated naturally. After that we wait anixousy for four weeks, because then
we can make an ultrasound to see if the breeding or insemination was successful. We can
make this ultrasound ourselves because we have our own ultrasound machine
When the Ultrasound is made, things go fast, you start to see clearly around 5 weeks that
she is pregnant..

About 1.5 week before delivery we let her get used to the whelping box, heat lamp and all
further supplies that are already ready for the delivery, so that she becomes familiar with this and she sees
whelping box as her familiar place. Of course her whelping box is in the living room where the puppies will be born
and stay for the first 5 weeks and get used to the daily sounds and events.

When the puppies have reached an age of 4 weeks and they start walking around nicely, we will remove the whelping box
so that they can see even better what is happening in the house, like my daughter running by,
the vacuum cleaner that makes noise, or the cats that come to take a look. We will also start with the thunderstorm and
fireworks training sessions, the subwoofer goes nice and loud and the lights flicker along to imitate this as realistically as possible.
The first time they often find it a bit exciting, but after repeating this a few times they don't care anymore and keep
playing or go to sleep. Around the age of 3 to 4 weeks we also start potty training, we place pee
mats and teach the puppies to use them. 

When the puppies are born, they are weighed daily for the first 2 weeks to see if all puppies gain evenly.
If one remains behind, we will give it a helping hand. The first weeks the puppies mainly stay in the whelping box.
This is because they cannot keep themselves warm yet. I spend a lot of time in the box with them, because that's how 
they learn my scent but also they get used to me touching them and pickig them up.
In those first 2 weeks, we will take DNA from every puppy from the litter if necessary, so that we can properly inform people about
how the puppy will look when he grows up.

From my own experience I know that good socialization is very important for the further development of the puppies.
Now I am lucky enough to have the space in my house for a puppy playground where there are a number of playground equipments
where the puppies are challenged in a casual and playful way to explore and discover new things.
By using different equipment and training materials, in this way the puppies are challenged, and they can fully practice their motor 
skills. All this to work towards a confident puppy, who is not easily impressed of something.
Of course it is important to continue to encourage this at home, we can do no more than give them a good start.


When we have a litter of puppies, we leave the puppies alone for the first four weeks, we want no visitors because the puppies
are stil so vulnerable.
Around the age of 4 to 5 weeks, we invite the families to come and cuddle and play with the puppies
and make their choice. Then we will also create the app group, and from the moment they move into the playroom
we can already share their developments with the new owners be sending videos through the app.

And then it's time! they fly out! this happens around 8 weeks of age, they are really ready to go into the big world
to go and learn and discover new things. The new puppy buyers have already received the necessary infomation from us by mail to be
prepared for the arrival of their little one. When collecting the puppy, you will also receive a nice puppy package.

We also always keep in touch with our puppy buyers and are available 24/7, through the app group we keep in touch and the people
can also contact each other to share experiences and tips, for example. It is also very beautiful for us
as a breeder to see how our puppies grow and monitor them as they get older.

I hope this page has given you a bit of an impression of how it goes behind the scenes with us, and that you can
see that we do everything we can to offer you a nice, confident and healthy puppy with a nice character.

Around 6 weeks I microchip the puppies and I register them in the database and I make sure that all information is available at the vet.
They have their first check-up at the vet at 6 weeks and they get vaccinated. Of course we have them with 2, 4 and 6 weeks
already dewormed.
They also get a health check at the vet and receive their European passport

During the time the puppies stay with us, they get washed in our dog bath, and they are introduced to the grooming table and the doodle
booster, and we also trim here and there if necessary.