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Krassenberg's Bernedoodles

KvK 78472792
BTW NL861415048B01
J.L Steinvoort
C. Krassenberg
Tel: 0683247874

Welcome to our website, Krassenberg's Bernedoodles & Labradoodles.

We are a hobby breeder of Bernedoodles & Labradoodles and live in Silvolde the Netherlands.
We do this in a responsible manner and that is why our breeding program is also
mainly focused on health and a stable character. All our dogs are therefore
fully tested on hips, elbows and eyes, but we also test by Embark
their DNA on 192 hereditary diseases, color inheritance and coat structure. Also all our
dogs in possession of a pedigree. All the official results we have at home to look in to,
but you can also find them under the button "Our Dogs" by clicking on the photo
of the relevant dog.

I have also followed the necessary courses myself.
For example, I obtained the diploma animal decision holders, a diploma for the
course Ethology Module A, this is a dog behavior course, and I followed a Genetia course,
for which I also obtained a certificate. I am also a certified Chipper and
I followed a grooming course.

Especially the Bernedoodle is gaining in popularity, because of their fantastic temperament,
intelligence, loyalty, their beautiful colors and markings. And due the lifespan and the
the poodle's non-shedding qualities merge with its loyal and kindness
of the Bernese you combine the best of both breeds.
But also the Labradoodle is still very popular, because of their great character and hypoallergenic coat.

All our dogs just live in our house or in their host family as a house dog. Also the
puppies are born and raised inside the livingroom and receive the best possible care.
Of course our puppies also only leave fully cared for, so vaccinated, chipped and in 
possession of a health certificate.

We hope that you can find what you are looking for on our site, if there are any questions please 
call or email us. You can also follow us on facebook.