On this page you will find litter announcements and  pictures of puppies when they are born under the relevant announcement.
We work with a waiting list when it comes to selling puppies, you can find more about this under the reservation button on the home page.

The pictures below are of a litter specially bred to keep puppies from, that's why this litter is not named in the litter announcements. Six of these puppies will strengthen our breeding program.
We will sell 4 males if we are sure that we will not keep them, but this will only be at the age of 7 weeks, we first want to see how they grow.
These are multi-gene Bernedoodles, and they get the medium size. The people who are on our (now closed) waiting list will receive an email in about 5 weeks where they can register for these puppies.

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Hayley has now been covered by bubbles, she will expect her puppies around August 12, 2021, the ultrasound has confirmed that she is also pregnant!
Marley went into heat on June 26, 2021, she has been inseminated now, and if all goes well she will expect her puppies around September 9.