If you want to qualify for a Bernedoodle or a Labradoodle,
you can do that by filling in the reservation form.

The registration is without obligation, you are not committed to anything,
but it is the case if you want to register for a Bernedoodle we have a 20 euro
registration fee. Registering for a Labradoodle is free.

We work with a waiting list. We have 1 waiting list for Bernedoodles,
and we have 1 waiting list for the Labradoodles. The waiting list for the
Bernedoodle is quite long, you must expect a waiting time of
one year to 1.5 years !! and yes this is up to date !!
Of course we can never say this exactly, it is always a matter of waiting for coverage
and how many puppies are born. We would rather surprise you to
qualify earlier for a puppy, then we have to disappoint you.

You may choose your puppy yourself, it is not like some
breeders do, that we assign you a puppy. We can tell you exactly when you come
te see them what to expect from which puppy.
The price for a Bernedoodle is between 2500 and 3500 euros.
This depends on the nest, color and markings.

Also, unlike some other breeders, you don't have the
obligation to spay or neuter the puppy. We do use for
people who want to breed,  breeders rights, and use breeders prices !!

You can fill in and send the reservation form, only as the registration fee
is paid you will actually be on the list. Payment can be made
on our bank number NL15 SNSB 0705 7328 94 t.n.v. Steinvoort in Zutphen.

 this link will take you to the reservation form: go to the registration form

The price for a Bernedoodle is 2500 euros excl. btw. . Please note !! We use breeders prices for breeders.
So if you want breeders' rights, we use different prices. This is also included in the sales contract.