Would you like to qualify for a Bernedoodle,
we must disappoint you. Our waiting list is only open for
fellow breeders.

The list for people looking for a Bernedoodle as a house dog is completely full,
and is closed, it also currently has a waiting period of 3 to 3.5 years.

We are a breeder where you can choose your puppy yourself, it's not like some
breeders that we assign you a puppy. We can tell you exactly when you come to see it
what you can expect from which puppy. Please choose a puppy which we think
if it really does not suit you, we will intervene and discuss it with you
see which puppy if necessary. would suit you better.

Also, unlike some other breeders, you do not have any
obligation to have the puppy neutered or sterilized.

The price for a Bernedoodle is between € 2500 to € 3500,
depending on the litter (color / markings, size etc)
Please note !! We use for breeders, breeders prices.
So if you plan to take a litter with your dog or use a male as a stud dog, we use different prices.
This is also included in the sales contract drawn up by a lawyer.
Are you a breeder and would you like to qualify for one of our pups,
please email us at info@krassenberg.nl